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Responding to Violence, Suicide, Psychosis and Trauma

The Dangerous Behaviour Master Class – Introduction

Over the next few weeks and months I will be writing a series of short postings covering the breadth and depth of Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour. Although the primary focus will be on helping practitioners deal with the interactional aspects of responding to people, situations or behaviours that pose a serious risk, I will also be covering all aspects of theory, research and policy.

In addition to reading the postings you are also warmly invited to post your own comments, questions and feedback.

This is a non-profit venture and nothing is asked in return. The idea is to make available information that cannot be found elsewhere either in the professional literature or on the web. I hope that you find the postings interesting, informative and helpful!

These postings can be accessed here at the website, or by subscribing to the IMPACT News RSS Newsfeed.

Best wishes

Iain Bourne

IMPACT Training & Consultation

“responding to violence, suicide, self-harm, psychosis and trauma”

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