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Rise in suicidal children calling ChildLine

By Charlotte Goddard Children & Young People Now 23 March 2009 The number of suicidal children counselled by ChildLine has tripled in the last five years. The NSPCC said today that nearly 60 suicidal children a week call the helpline, with one in 14 in immediate danger or needing urgent medical care. Some made suicide attempts while on the phone to a counsellor. Of those children who gave their age, more than half were 12- to 15-year-olds and one in 16 was 11 or under. Sue Minto, head of ChildLine, said: “Children feel suicidal for complex and different reasons, but often say they have a history of abuse, neglect, family problems or mental health issues. Others have been driven to the brink by bullying, their parents’ divorce, the death of someone close or exam stress.” The charity is calling for parents to be given guidance on how to spot possible signs of suicide, how to listen to their child’s worries and where to find help. It also wants teachers and doctors to be trained to identify suicide distress signs before children reach crisis point.

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