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Seven injured in attack by patient at Newham Hospital

From BBC News (
Five patients and two employees at an east London hospital have been injured in attack by another patient.

One woman, aged in her late 60s, suffered serious head injuries in the attack at Newham University Hospital in Plaistow in the early hours.

A witness said a man used a metal bar to attack three men and two women. Two female staff suffered minor injuries restraining the man.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.
‘So strong’

The hospital said an investigation was under way and that neither drugs or alcohol were factors in the incident.

Police were alerted at about 0040 GMT on Saturday to reports of a man assaulting staff and patients.

It is thought the injured patients were asleep when they were attacked on the general medical ward.

All the patients involved are now in a stable condition.

Consuela Camacho was injured when the man turned on patients and staff at the Glen Road hospital.

Her daughter Melita, who did not personally see the attack but was told details by a witness, said: “The nurses [could not] do anything because he was so strong.

“Somehow he managed to go where my mum’s bed is and then started hitting her with this metal bar and he hit her in the face, she is really badly hit.”
‘Hitting his head’

She said her mother had been knocked out of bed by the force of the blows.

The attack only stopped when the female patient in the next bed shouted at the assailant, who then turned his attentions to her, Ms Camacho said.

She said a witness had told her that the attack was triggered when the man called for help from nurses but received none.

The witness told her the man began hitting his head repeatedly against a wall before picking up the metal bar and striking an approaching nurse.

Nurses on the general medical ward, where men’s and women’s areas are separated by unlocked fire doors, reportedly called three times for security personnel during the attack, Ms Camacho claimed.

She described her mother as now very confused and fearful of another attack.

A statement from Newham University Hospital NHS Trust confirmed that the Metropolitan Police were investigating an incident.

It said it related to a patient who had been admitted to hospital, five more patients and two clinical members of staff.

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