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Responding to Violence, Suicide, Psychosis and Trauma

Facing Danger, The Lockdown Tapes: Myth #4 Gender Matters?

Gender & Dangerous Behaviour

This video explores the relationship between gender and violence and considers whether this should be factored in when we face dangerous behaviour. This is part of the Lockdown Tapes which aim to help frontline staff feel more confident and competent when facing danger.

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Facing Danger, The Lockdown Tapes: Myths #3 “Let them Vent?”

This is part of a series of short videos that aim to help staff feel more confident and competent in dealing with dangerous behaviour. In this episode we review the wisdom of allowing people to “let off steam” when angry.

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Facing Danger, The Lockdown Tapes: Myths #2, Stay Calm?

Should you really try to remain calm when faced with danger? This short video is part of a Lockdown series that aims to help frontline staff feel more confident and competent in responding to dangerous behaviour.

# #mentalhealth #violence #aggression #dangerous #personalsafety #threat #conflict #conflictresolution

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Does Size Matter?

Facing Danger, The Lockdown Tapes #1: Does Size Matter?
This series of videos aims to help frontline staff feel more confident and competent in responding to interpersonal threat. Here we consider how importance (or otherwise) of size, strength and the use of force. #violence #aggression #personalsafety #dangerous #conflictmanagement

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Facing Danger: The Lockdown Tapes!

Given that the Lockdown leaves me with more time on my hands than expected I have decided to record a series of videos aimed at helping frontline staff feel more skilled and confident in responding to dangerous behaviour. I’ve called these “The Lockdown Tapes.” They are free and here is the first which is an overview of everything that will be covered. Please share!

violence #aggression #conflictmanagement #danger #dangerousbehaviour #defusing #deescalation #personalsafety #loneworking #challenging #healthcare #socialcare #housing #mentalhealth #security #enforcement #criticalpsychology #IainBourne #impact #violenceprevention #aggressive

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“Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour” Live & Online

This unique, dramatic and immersive training experience is being made available online for the first time ever.

Take a quick look At the short video HERE

There are three ways that this can happen:

1. Sign up as an individual for an existing live course see HERE

2. Buy in a bespoke live version of the course for your own training group. Contact

3. Sign up as an individual for the e-learning version of the course and complete it in your own time. This option will be available from August – details to follow!


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Dangerous Behaviour Goes Online

1.30 – 4.30, 20th and 27th June 2020

For the first time ever, “Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour” is going “live” and online! Up until now this highly dramatic, immersive and cutting edge training experience has only been available as a face-to-face workshop and thus limiting access to many. Now, in collaboration with Mosaic Training it is being made available to everyone.

Watch the video HERE!

Then go to the the Mosaic Website HERE where you will find further information and an application form.

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Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour: 2nd November 2018, Holloway, London

Please click on the link above if you are interested in attending this “Fringe Theatre” style training experience as an individual. This is a rare opportunity for training managers to review the training prior to commissioning it on an in-house basis.

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Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour, London, 16th March 2018

This unique “Fringe Theatre” style training event is once again being made available to individual applicants through Mosaic Training‘s Open Workshop Programme. Facilitated by Dr Iain Bourne is covers the core “front-end skills” to deal with dangerous behaviour as encountered in health, housing and social care settings. Numbers are limited so please apply early to secure a place.

Further information and Application form can be found HERE

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“Troubled Minds” – a dramatic, ‘fringe theatre’ style workshop for counsellors and psychotherapists. Nottingham 23rd September 2017

A unique opportunity to explore the mysteries and complexities of mental health delivered through a series of dramatised encounters with people seeking help through counselling and psychotherapy. This is usually only available as an “in-house” workshop delivered to organisations for their own closed groups. NCG, however, are putting this on as an “open access” workshop available for individuals to attend. Curious? Places are still available but it is unlikely that this opportunity will be repeated anytime soon!

For more details click HERE

9.30-4.30, 23rd September 2017

Lutterell Hall, Church Drive, West Bridgeford, Nottingham NG2 6AY


Cost: £80.00 including lunch.

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